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Article: Ep 61: The Power Of Affirmations And Casting Vision In Your Marriage

Ep 61: The Power Of Affirmations And Casting Vision In Your Marriage

Ep 61: The Power Of Affirmations And Casting Vision In Your Marriage

This week we are excited to introduce you guys to Stevie and Sazan Hendrix. We have been on their podcast, The Good Life Podcast, so we are super pumped that they are having a turn on our podcast now! We relate to the Hendrix’s a lot because we are in very similar seasons of life. This episode is like sitting around the table just chatting and catching up on life together. So take a seat at the table and enjoy with us! 

Here are all the things we mentioned in this episode: 

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About the Hendrix’s

We are just two people trying to navigate life together! We have been married for almost 4 years, have one daughter, Valentina (we call her Teeny!) We are full-time content creators on various platforms- YouTube, our Podcast, Instagram… all that stuff. We also have a subscription box company called Blessed Box. All that being said, we haven’t always done this entrepreneur life.

The Back Story

At first, Saz began with a little blog, and I (Stevie) was dedicated to becoming an actor. As time went on, Saz dedicated time to grow her blog & it had great potential ahead! I was acting, but she asked me to quit my job and come work for her. So, I did, and stepped into being her manager. As time went on, we brought my sister onto the team and she began to help Saz with the business too. Now, we do this full time and with a family business dynamic. 

The Book E-Myth

E-myth, entrepreneurial myth, is a great book for business owners or entrepreneurs. In the book, there is a section that talks about how we are all one of three people. We are either doers, dreamers, or managers. We can have bits of all, but we dominant in one of them. With that said, in our lesser areas we can hire someone to help us be stronger as a whole in our business. 


We live in a culture where we scroll so much and we are used to reacting to things quickly. Whereas, reading is a way to not be so overstimulated. Reading causes us to embrace humanity and slow down. We are focused on one thing for a period of time and it causes our brain to slow down and chew on one thing. 


For people who are in a lull, I believe it's okay to get busy because somehow it can help you get out of that lull. However, sometimes you have to slow down because you are too busy. Right now, we are in a season where the water has finally settled. We are in a season of stillness and calm. 

Seasons of Stillness

In seasons of stillness you learn to work smarter not harder. You learn how to master being productive. 

We have done small things to create organization and goals. Each week we have a structured template that we fill out - like having a roadmap to follow each week. The template keeps us accountable and helps us make sure we create free time in our schedule. This was we don’t miss out on spontaneity, fun, and rest during the week. 

Casting Vision

That same template helps us cast vision for the things that need to be executed for the week to come. At the end of it all this system and preparation help us actually have a good week and make sure things are going well within our business AND our family. 

The Vision for Family

We see each other all day every day - so we have to separate our personal life from our professional life. 

We have realized that life isn't going to get easier, but we can't let our marriage fall through the cracks. If that fails, everything does. The heart of our home is our marriage.

We would recommend taking time to affirm one another. This is so important, even if you aren’t a words person. It is so important to affirm one another. 

Another recommendation is to use love languages. Ask each other, “What did I do this week that made you feel really loved this week?” You will be surprised! Because sometimes we do things for our spouse that would make ourselves feel really loved, but for them, it doesn’t really translate the same way. And vice versa. 

We have to be intentional about loving our spouse the way they receive love best. 

What Have You Learned About Marriage So Far?

Marriage is all about being intentional. There are always moments in your marriage where you can stop and think “what can I do right now that will bless her?” Marriage is learning how to serve the person truly and selflessly.  A service that comes from love. We should reflect the heart of God whenever we come together. Also, keep choosing each other. No matter what. Whether it’s my feelings, my pride, or a really big issue that comes up - no matter what comes against you, you have to choose your spouse first. 

Each year we’re a new person because we are constantly growing and shifting as we walk with the Lord. This can be scary if you are afraid of change, but there is also such a sweetness that God wants to show you from this. It truly is like fine wine. Throughout the years you will change, but that’s when things become sweeter. 

I think that if more people would work through the tough seasons of marriage, there would be more couples who stay together and get to experience the sweetness of staying. 


I (Stevie) have experienced the faithfulness of God and there is victory and sweetness that God will bring to you after you go through tough seasons. For years growing up my parents struggled financially and almost 20-30 years later they are still together. The faithfulness of the Lord has shown. 

When I (Sazan) first met Stevie, I wasn't in a relationship with God. I was completely ruled by my feelings. I often compare the way I felt before Jesus to living on the moon - such an isolated and lonely place. But whenever Stevie shared the truth of Jesus with me, it was so exciting! I accepted Christ in my heart and it was like I felt like I was finally living in color and in the riches of Christ. 


At the beginning, our relationship was really hard. My parents (Sazan) didn’t come to our wedding because I was marrying outside of our culture, became a Christian, and was marrying a Christian. 

Stevie always said he knew it wasn't in God's plan to keep our families from one another and that he knew that God’s plan was reconciliation. It was hard. But there has been so much love and forgiveness over time. Now we are reconciled with my family and currently live with them. It’s been a beautiful story of reconciliation. 

How to Stay Grounded as Parents While Also Running a Business

When I (Sazan) work, I work, and when I am with Teeny, I am with Teeny. We stick to our template and keep business and family separate, as best as we can. 

A Little BTS of Life

I (Sazan) have been feeling like God is calling me to help out the youth. I really want to motivate and pour into our youth. I recently spoke at a youth conference and now I just feel this fire for the youth! I want to give them the tools they need to challenge themselves and also conquer some of those big mountains you face as young teens. 

For a while we have focused on the beauty sphere, but we are shifting our focus to the family space. We are constantly dreaming up ideas of how to create more content for that niche. 

Well, what a fun chat! It really was just talking and getting to know more of their story. We are super thankful for what they shared and hope nuggets of their life and wisdom help you along your own journey!

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