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Debt Free Journal
Debt Free Journal
Debt Free Journal
Debt Free Journal
Debt Free Journal
Debt Free Journal
Debt Free Journal
Debt Free Journal
Debt Free Journal
Debt Free Journal
Debt Free Journal
Debt Free Journal
Debt Free Journal

Debt Free Journal


Your Trusty Companion on Your Debt Free Journey

So you’ve decided to break up with debt once and for all. Now comes the hard part, how do I actually get rid of my debt? Enter, Debt Free Journal!🚪

Debt Free Journal was created to be your go-to tool as you embark on your Debt Free Journey. It was designed to help you do the following things:

  • Help you understand where your finances are today.
  • Determine the debts you currently have, save an emergency fund and create a clear plan to become Debt Free. 
  • Build a new rhythm of intentionality with your finances and feel more in control of your own financial future.
  • Experience financial freedom by becoming Debt Free.


Put simply, Debt Free Journal was created to help you become Debt Free. Furthermore, this journal was designed to help bring clarity to where you financially stand today, help you define your debt and build an action plan to pay it off, and to create a healthy rhythm of intentionality with your personal finances to help you build a purposeful life.

Some of the biggest reasons people fail to pay off their debt is lack of planning, not sticking to a budget, losing steam from lack of accountability or not tracking and celebrating their progress as they pay off debt. I faced each of these pitfalls on my own Debt Free Journey and have seen friends and family run into the same roadblocks while trying to become Debt Free. That’s why I set out to create this journal. I want every person to take their absolute best shot at becoming Debt Free and experiencing the peace, flexibility and freedom that comes from living without Debt. 

Debt Free Journal Highlights

  • Getting Started - In the first section you'll establish your starting point by gathering information to establish a road map for your Debt Free Journey.
  • Weekly Journal - Each week, you will check in to answer a few questions, assess how your week went, refocus on your current debt payoff goal and build a plan for the following week. This weekly journal will help build a rhythm of accountability to your budget and toward systematically reaching each debt payoff. It will also instill the discipline necessary to help you reach your goal of becoming Debt Free.
  • Monthly Review - At the end of each month you will take a moment to pause and reflect on your progress. Start by reading a principle that will help guide you on your Debt Free Journey, then assess and reset your budget, and finish by reviewing your progress for the month.
  • Quarterly Check-In - Add up how much you’ve paid toward your Debt so far and visually track the progress you’ve made.
  • Year in Review - Recap what debts you’ve paid off, update your Net Worth, calculate how much you’ve paid toward debt in total and determine how close you are to becoming Debt Free.
  • Weekly use for 1 Year - Designed to use weekly for one year or until you are Debt Free.
  • Individual or Couples - Use one journal for one year for both individuals or couples who manage their finances together.

Product Details

    • Premium Satin Black Hardcover
    • Copper Foil Stamped Exterior Logo
    • Black Ribbon Bookmarker
    • 6.5” x 8” Format
    • Printed in Canada
    • Free Progress Poster PDF with Purchase


    ***Disclaimer - The author nor publisher is a certified financial planner/advisor nor a certified financial analyst nor an economist nor a CPA nor an accountant nor a lawyer. I am someone who is proud of the freedom, satisfaction, fulfillment, and empowerment that I get from being financially competent and being conscious about managing my family’s money. The contents of this book and site are for informational and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute financial, accounting, or legal advice. By using this journal and site, you agree to hold me harmless from any ramifications, financial or otherwise, that occur to you as a result of acting on information found on this site. For any advice specific to your situation, please consult a certified financial planner, counselor, accountant, CPA or lawyer.

    ***International customers are responsible for any custom/vat fees that occur when the product arrives in your country.

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