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Always believe in the more that is within you through Christ


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Always believe in the more that is within you.



Still our most worn and asked about sweatshirt, this garment-dyed, relaxed fit, embroidered logo crewneck is an instant classic that you can wear for years to come!




Brought back in a timeless denim wash, this garment-dyed, strap-back hat features an embroidered logo, adjustable leather strap and antiqued brass buckle so you can get your fit just right!


A note from Audrey

A Community of More

Almost two decades later, Always More is still a cherished mantra that I continue to draw motivation and inspiration from. Whether chasing three kids (soon to be four), running our businesses, my spiritual or physical growth, pursuing connection and depth in my marriage, or simply how I carry myself through tough seasons, the reminder to ALWAYS believe in the MORE that is within me through Christ is just as powerful in my 30’s as it was in my teenage years. What started as two words I would write on my hands in sharpie before cross country and track races, became something so much more (pun intended)  than I could have ever imagined. 

When I wrote Always More on my arm for my wedding day and made it a central message in my vows to Jeremy, the message began to spread beyond to my high school and college running teammates.   It then became something I shared about on my blog, and eventually in a subscription devotional. Shout out to anyone who has been here since then! As the Always More community grew, we launched a clothing line to further spread the message and invite people into the community. I am still in awe of how God grew the Always More community and bonded thousands of women around the world who shared and wore the message, and hundreds who tattooed it on their bodies. 

I am so excited to bring back some of our most beloved apparel pieces for those of you who have been begging for us to bring them back since we closed the shop in 2020. If your OG beloved Always More sweatshirt has lots of signs of love… this is your chance to grab a new one. And if you always wanted one but never got one before we closed our shop, don’t miss this 3-day event! My hope for you is that these words would take on a new meaning in whatever new season of life you’re in now. And ultimately that you would be forever encouraged to ALWAYS believe in the MORE that is within you.

Under the Mercy,

Audrey Roloff | Founder, Always More



2005: I wrote Always More on my hand for the first time for a cross country race to remind me to always believe I had more left to give even when I felt like I couldn’t physically keep going. This was inspired by the verse in Ephesians 3:20 “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine…” and a quote that hung on the wall childhood home growing up that said, “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and I could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.’



2005-2009: Continued to write Always More on my hand in sharpie before all my track and cross country races and painted glitter nail polish on top so it wouldn’t sweat off. My entire high school team wrote it on their hands for our district and state meets too. 

2009: Graduated high school and wrote Always More on the bottom of my running shoes and threw them on a telephone wire close to my high school. Continued to write Always More on my old running shoes and throw them in places significant to my life.



2009: Started sharing the Always More message with my college track and cross country team and they began writing it on their hands for races too. 

2014: Wrote Always More on my college graduation cap. Never did I think that in the years to come so many other women would write the same words on their graduation caps!

2014: Wrote Always More on my arm for my wedding day and it was also focus in my vows to Jeremy



Started sharing the Always More message on my blog, Auj Poj, and launched a 52-week subscription devotional for Always More that thousands would receive via text message weekly throughout the year. This was the early spark to a larger, global community of women living by this message, sharing their stories and being encouraged by one another to pursue more.



2016-2017: Launched the Always More clothing line shop & the Always More community on Instagram eventually growing to thousands of women around the world. Wrote Always More on my arm for labor with my first baby - gave birth in room 320 ;) Always More took on a whole new meaning as I stepped into motherhood.

2018-2019: Grew the Always More shop and community to tens of thousands of women around the world spreading the message and sharing how Always More has impacted them. Hundreds of women literally tattooing the words on their bodies!

2020: In February 2020, we made the incredibly hard decision to close the Always More Shop.

Something More


After a recent social media post sharing that I found some old Always More inventory during our move (and it so happened to be on “Always More Day” 3/20) nearly 10,0000 comments expressed how impactful Always More continues to be for them and how the sweatshirt that I was wearing the picture has been their most worn sweatshirt over the last 4+ years! So here we are bringing that sweatshirt and our beloved dad hats back for a 3-day event!

Ephesians 3:20

"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us"