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Ep 79: 12 Biblical Truths To Shape A Family with Ruth + Troy Simons

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Ep 79: 12 Biblical Truths To Shape A Family with Ruth + Troy Simons

With all that’s going on in the world, Jeremy + Audrey believe it's a really important time to start analyzing and talking about your foundations and where your roots are. This season is really causing people to stop and take a look at their lives with an honest lens, evaluating where they are at. For many it’s a time for recalibration! 

Ruth +Troy Simons released a book called, Foundations: 12 Biblical Truths To Shape A Family that is perfect for this time in our world! And it is not just for parents and families. These 12 Biblical Truths are essential to every person’s life. 

Let’s dig some roots in this season; roots that will hold steady and strong as we continue to journey through life. Ruth + Troy share so much wisdom with, and the Roloff’s are excited to share this conversation with you. So let’s jump in! 



In This Episode You’ll Hear:

  • Why it is important to take inventory of what you do have in your life, and the value of creating rhythms of gratitude.
  • The power of actually writing things down.
  • What biblical foundations are and how to center your family around them.
  • How we have full access to The God of Wonder in this time of limitation. 
  • The art of conversation and how to practically pursue your spouse in every season of life. 

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