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Family Values Planner (Digital Download)
Family Values Planner (Digital Download)
Family Values Planner (Digital Download)
Family Values Planner (Digital Download)
Family Values Planner (Digital Download)

Family Values Planner (Digital Download)


A yearly guide for the value driven family.

Introducing the Family Values Planner, a downloadable (and printable) PDF guide to help you discover, define and integrate your most deeply held values as you form a life thats more reflective of them.

What is the Family Values Planner?

Do you want to create your own list of family values or pillars to guide and ground your family, but that feels overwhelming and you don’t know where to start? Do you want to instill strong values in your children, but struggle with figuring out how to practically teach and implement them? Maybe you already have your family values written down and printed out, but you don’t reference them much or have a natural way to integrate them into your daily life…

You’re in the right place! 

The Family Values Planner will help satisfy that longing you have to live out your values as a family and add more meaning to your days. This framework will help create a rhythm of intentionality for your family each month, whether you are newlyweds, or years in and raising a family. Once you have completed this PDF, you will have a map for approaching each month of the year with a whole new level of purpose. The Family Values Planner will simplify what it looks like to practice your values in a way that’s not overwhelming. It truly has been a game-changer for our family, and we believe it can be for yours too. Once you complete this guide your family will be able to use it and reap its benefits for years to come!

How it works:

  1. Discover Your Values: Establish your own unique list of 12 family values. Use the guided questions and example glossary to help you identify and articulate your core values, laying the foundation for an intentional year.
  2. Define Your Values: Clarify the meaning of each chosen value, fostering a shared understanding and language for your family. Option to pair Bible verses and or quotes/memorable phrases to each of your family values. 
  3. Map Your Year: Align each of your 12 family values to the months of the year. We’ll help you take into consideration your family’s lifestyle, careers, where you live, and the cadence of your year, to pair your values with the months that make the most sense for your family.
  4. Practice & Pivot: Discover resources and creative ideas to help you practically implement your family values into daily life and instill them in your children. Remain flexible to update or change these as your family grows.

What's included:

  • 21-page downloadable (and printable) high-resolution PDF
  • A Printable poster for your home - keep a copy on the counter, in your bedroom, or framed beautifully where your family gathers.
  • Recommendations & Resources - 3 pages packed with lists of books, podcasts, movies/YouTube, songs, ideas, and other resources that may align with practicing your family values in practical ways.
  • Delivery via post-purchase email (download up to 3 times per purchase)
  • NOT a printed product

Is this a physical product?

Negative. This is a digital ".PDF" download. However, it does have a fully designed page for you to print out and you are of course welcome to print the whole thing out and do it that way.

How do I download it after purchasing?

After purchasing you will receive a confirmation email followed by an email with a big green "Download" button!

After downloading, where will it be on my computer?

Unless you have custom preferences set up, your download should appear in either your "Downloads" folder, or on your desktop.

Didn't get an email? 

If you have not gotten an email and it has been over 10 minutes, please check your spam/junk folder!

Is this resource still good for "non-religious" people?

Absolutely! We believe knowing what your values are and having a good strategy for implementation is a good idea for anybody.