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Ep 76: Homeschooling And Parenting Wisdom With the Tolpin's

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Ep 76: Homeschooling And Parenting Wisdom With the Tolpin's

Wherever you are, Jeremy + Audrey hope that you are doing well in this crazy wild time we are living in. They hope your trust and faith is in the Lord, and want you to know we are all getting through this together. 

The Behind The Scenes Podcast is back to having weekly episodes! (YAY!) And, today is super special because Jeremy + Audrey are FINALLY having a conversation with some friends that are full of wisdom and insight when it comes to many things, but especially when it comes to parenting. 

Isaac and Angie Tolpin are the Roloff’s go-to’s for anything parenting. They have eight kids of their own, and have dedicated their life to helping other Christian families navigate life well. They are passionate about equipping courageous Christian kids for an uncertain world. This episode is SO timely with all the changes in the world going on right now, so get ready for TONS of insight and let’s jump in!  

In This Episode You’ll Hear:

  • A raw and inspiring conversation with Isaac and Angie Tolpin (Founders of Courageous Parenting)
  • The value of parents having vision for their family. Not only for their family now, but also for the generations to come.
  • Practical ways to improve your family culture.
  • Tons of incredible insight when it comes to homeschooling. 
  • Being the most important teacher and influence for your kids. 
  • The importance of you, as parents, (AND your kids) clinging to the Lord throughout every season of life. 
  • What the Tolpin's are working on at the moment. 



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