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Ep 88: The Fear Of Being Cheesy, The True Or False Game, & The Death Of A Dream

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Ep 88: The Fear Of Being Cheesy, The True Or False Game, & The Death Of A Dream

We are SO excited for today’s episode because Jeremy + Audrey are covering a lot of ground! 

They kick off the episode by tackling a fear floating around our world today when it comes to relationships: the fear of being cheesy. And that fear holds us back from pursuing creativity in our love stories. But when you think about it, cheesy is similar to (but also different than) creativity because often, the things we think will be the cheesiest end up being the most impactful. 

Choose courage over fear! Because love invites risk; expressing your love in creative new ways is nerve-racking. But if we can resist feeling stupid, being rejected, or passivity from those we love, the reward of being creative will be worth it. 

Now, let’s play a game! Have you seen the true/false game floating around social media? Jeremy + Audrey love it and wanted to answer some of the assumptions you guys have about them. Tune into the episode to hear those assumptions! (There are some good ones!) 

Jeremy + Audrey have been processing something since last summer and are ready to share it with you. It involves their dream to own the family farm one day, and this is a question they get all the time. While this conversation won’t answer all your questions, it will bring clarity as they share their hearts. 

And finally, they are going to talk about roles in their relationship. More and more, they are seeing questions about their roles; who does what within work, marriage, house, kids, etc. It all goes back to the principle of sharing, and they have such a great perspective on sharing roles within your relationship. 

So grab a cup of coffee, sit fireside, and let’s dive in! 

PS - we also share an update on the shipping of Memories of Us you won’t want to miss! 

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • How creativity + cheesy are different and how you can overcome the fear of being cheesy (and creative) in your relationship. 
  • Our roles within our marriage  (what each of us does at home, in work, and with the kids). 
  • An honest update on the farm and how we are processing what feels like the death of a dream. 
  • A rose + thorn from our week (who remembers this from previous seasons??). 

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