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Debt Free Journal

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Your Trusty Companion on Your Debt Free Journey

So you’ve decided to break up with debt once and for all. Now comes the hard part, how do I actually get rid of my debt? Enter, Debt Free Journal!🚪

Put simply, Debt Free Journal was created to help you become Debt Free. Furthermore, this journal was designed to help bring clarity to where you financially stand today, help you define your debt and build an action plan to pay it off, and to create a healthy rhythm of intentionality with your personal finances to help you build a purposeful life.

Some of the biggest reasons people fail to pay off their debt is lack of planning, not sticking to a budget, losing steam from lack of accountability or not tracking and celebrating their progress as they pay off debt. I faced each of these pitfalls on my own Debt Free Journey and have seen friends and family run into the same roadblocks while trying to become Debt Free. That’s why I set out to create this journal. I want every person to take their absolute best shot at becoming Debt Free and experiencing the peace, flexibility and freedom that comes from living without Debt. 

If you're ready to finally break up with dead and find financial freedom, Debt Free Journal can help you get there!

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Debt Free Journal
Debt Free Journal Sale price$30.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Alexandra J Kaczmarek
What a helpful journal

I have been using the debt free journal for over a month now and it has really kept me accountable with my finances. Really enjoy the weekly reflection's and the reminder of how much is yet to be payed off, tying in with being more mindful with spending during the week. Highly recommend, hands down.

A must have!

I so wish I had this book years ago! We would have been in way better shape if we had but we didn’t and so are starting now! I am the money person in our family but with this book I wanted my hubby and I to do it together and we did and it was a great thing to do! We are both on the same page and working towards our debt free goal which is March 2023! I would highly recommend the purchase I’d this journal! We actually learned we aren’t in as bad as shape as we thought! Thanks for making up this journal! Love it!

Big help

I bought this to help me get started and get focused and reducing my debt. I already knew how intelligent Dan is do it was a no brainer. It’s not much money to save you stress and money. I love it. Thanks Dan

Lexi Gibbs
Best Debt Tracker Ever

My (now) husband and I’s accumulating debt journey began with a credit card freshman year of college; and here we are almost 7 years later in thousands more of consumer debt & student loans. This year (2021) as our daughter was heading into her 2nd birthday & us finally getting married; we finally started asking ourselves, “What exactly are we doing with our lives. What exactly are we doing with our paychecks?” And the answer was… letting life pass us by…constantly paying some sort of debt payment… and not saving any of our money for goals that can keep us out of more debt….and then I was on Instagram one glorious day and there it was. The debt free journal in Audrey Roloff’s story. So I followed @debtfreecommunity and read the author’s story (Daniel Meichtry) which was very inspiring. I ordered the journal and almost exactly one month later; we have a student loan paid off. A loan that we have been paying on since January 2021; this journal just pushed us to spend every extra dollar toward a debt. This journal has so much detail in it. It helps you figure out exactly how much debt you are currently in and where to start on paying it off. It also keeps you motivated throughout each month with inspiration from Daniel. Every Saturday, I write what accomplishments we made financially that week and what we need to improve on. Then my favorite part is to write the main goal at the bottom and see the payoff number decrease. I can not say enough good things about this journal!!!!

Trisa Russell
Awesome Journal!

Where to begin. First of all, the DEBT FREE JOURNAL is amazing! My husband and I often talked about our debt, we knew when a payment was due, etc. However, we never "talked" about our debt. Sure, there are other debt free tools available, but nothing like this one. The Debt Free Journal starts with your "why." Why do you want to become debt free. We had to really put thought to this. Next our WOW moment - the journal instructed us to list all of our debt. To put it on paper, in real time - that was truly eye-opening. We could, for the first time, understand where all of our hard earned money was going. We could become intentional with our money! It is OUR money! We can and will control OUR money! The Debt Free Journal allowed us the realization that we are in control of our finances. Sure, we still have the debt, however, the journal taught us and gave us the tools to manage our debt. The journal taught us how to set realistic goals that we can stick to. The journal also reassured us that we are not failures because of our debt! When I have moments of feeling overwhelmed, I pick up the journal, and read the encouraging words that are contained throughout the many wonderful, quality pages. My husband and I highly recommend the Debt Free Journal. We are so ready for financial freedom (we have a 5 year goal - we have a lot of debt). We WILL reach financial freedom! Thank you for creating this amazing tool for people like us who truly desire financial freedom!



Establish your starting point

You will begin by discovering where you are starting from financially. For many people, this exercise will provide the clearest financial picture they have ever had in their life.



After understanding the debts you currently have, you will establish your emergency fund and build your debt-payoff timeline. This will create momentum as you focus your efforts toward paying off each debt, one-by-one.



As you go through each week, you will pause to reflect, acknowledge what’s going well, and decide what tweaks are necessary to keep you on track. This process will help you feel more in control over your financial life on your journey to becoming Debt Free.


Track Your Progress

As you work through each week and complete the monthly reviews along the way, you will build an archive of progress along your Debt Free Journey. There are moments to pause, assess and celebrate how far you’ve come on your journey; that will solidify your progress and keep you on track to become debt free.

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