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EP 69: 2019 In Review

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EP 69: 2019 In Review

Happy New Year! 2019 was such a full and exciting year for Jeremy + Audrey. They traveled a ton,  celebrated the release of A Love Letter Life, Ember hit huge milestones, and so much more! AND there are a few surprises in this episode you may not have known. They are excited to take you BTS of their 2019! 

In case you missed it, the podcast is moving to a new schedule for the next few months, while Jeremy + Audrey enjoy some time off before and with their baby boy! You will hear from them every other week … but don’t worry it isn’t forever! They will back with weekly episodes before you know it. 


In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • How they track their goals and why they do a mid-year check in. 
  • The importance of having a word for the year, not only for yourself but also for your family. 
  • The highlights from 2019 for their family, the business, and themselves. 
  • BTS moments from book tour (did you know Jeremy was hit by a car??) 
  • SURPRISE! They have a new book coming out later this year! 
  • The new podcast schedule (for now) while Jeremy + Audrey settle into being a family of 4.



They say nothing is impossible, but I don’t think that’s true, because I do nothing all the time. - Winne the Pooh 

Inspiration is a terrible thing to waste. - Jeremy Roloff


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Here is a brief overview of Jeremy + Audrey’s 2019 year in review: 


  • Went on their annual Marriage Summit
  • Attended their first (of 3) Mastermind meetings with other Christinan entrepreneur couples
  • After 5 years… Jer finally cut his hair AND raised $15,000 for Charity Water
  • They went to Texas to promote their book
  • Got an office at the farm
  • Hired Dan, their first full time employee


  • Recorded their audiobook in a Seattle snowstorm 
  • They started hosting a community group at their house 


  • Hit 1 Million downloads on the podcast (currently over 4 million!)
  • Attended the Intentional Parenting Conference where they finally met Emmerson Eggerich and Bob Goff 
  • Launched “Always More Day” 
  • They did a live book signing! 
  • Recorded over 50 podcast episodes while doing press interviews, radio etc. in preparation for their book release
  • Jer started building their office table 


  • A Love Letter Life released into the world and they spent launch day in New York doing media for the book
  • They got to sign copies of their book on the front table in Union Square
  • A Love Letter Life hit #1 of all new releases and #2 of all books on Amazon 
  • They went to a military base for the first time in Nashville for a book signing 
  • They launched Love More Sweatshirts
  • It was hard being away from Ember for stretches of time
  • Their book tour was 13 cities in 3 weeks!
  • A Love Letter Life hit #5 on New York Times Bestsellers List! AND hit Publishers Weekly and USA Today lists too!
  • During their book tour, their flight leaving Austin got cancelled so they drove to Waco and went to Magnolia for the first time
  • They took Ember to their last book signing in Seattle (true story: Jer was hit by a car right before the signing, but was ok!) 
  • They took Ember to the Tulip Festival
  • Hosted their book launch party (at the end of book tour since we were on tour already when it was released)
  • Flew two couples out to the book launch party who were the winners from their launch team! 
  • Jeremy’s grandma passed away and he attended her memorial service
  • They made a baby in the craziness, somehow … 


  • Found out they were pregnant! 
  • Went to Hawaii for two weeks with Ember and attended their second mastermind while there 
  • Celebrated Jeremy’s 29th bday in Hawaii
  • They started renovation on the backyard


  • Launched the rebrand of The Marriage Journal 


  • Announced they were pregnant
  • First family camping trip
  • 4th of July campout at the farm #Tradition
  • Ember’s had her first track meet and ran the entire 50 meters
  • They attended their convention for Young Living in Utah for a week 
  • Celebrated Audrey’s birthday while in Utah - rented a pontoon boat with some of her YL  besties
  • Audrey had her 10 year highschool reunion


  • They flew one of their podcast listeners out for a date night with them! 
  • Jeremy had his 10 year highschool reunion
  • Attended C.S. Lewis on stage
  • Found out they were having a baby boy! 
  • Went to Crater Lake for the first time
  • Visited 5 Mary’s Farms and camped on the farm
  • Ember went to her first rodeo
  • They went camping over Labor Day weekend with friends
  • Jeremy finished the table build
  • They finished their backyard renovation
  • They were part of the Good News Today prayer team
  • Became an official S Corp 


  • Jacob and Izzy got married! 
  • Ember turned 2 and her party was a campfire theme
  • They lost one of their friends to suicide
  • Celebrated 5 year anniversary with a surprise trip to Salish lodge in WA (well done, Jeremy!) 
  • Ember gave up her binky and to sing full songs and talk in complete sentences


  • Pumpkin Season! They had a pop up shop for Always More, The Marriage Journal, and A Love Letter Life where they signed books and met so many podcast listeners! 
  • They went on their annual apple picking where they rented a cabin in Hood River with friends
  • Attended their 3rd Mastermind in Huntington Beach 
  • Jeremy went to Michigan for his Grandma’s funeral


  • Jeremy had hernia surgery
  • Ember was potty trained
  • Audrey hit Diamond for Young Living
  • They went to Brasada for thanksgiving where Ember built her first snowman
  • They read a life-changing book, Every Moment Holy 
  • Jer starts new diet


  • They did all the Christmas things
  • Ember had RSV
  • They bought a truck
  • They are finishing up their second book manuscript