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EP 74: BTS Of Being An Online Influencer

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EP 74: BTS Of Being An Online Influencer

This episode is super exciting because it’s not only both Jeremy and Audrey, but they get to interview two of their close friends Jordan + Dani Ramirez (Dani Austin publically!). The Roloff’s were super pumped to have this interview because Dani and Jordan do such a great job at keeping it real online and offline, and using their platform for good. Get ready for a BTS peak at what it looks like to truly live life as an online influencer, all the while keeping true to yourself and your calling.

In This Episode You’ll Hear:

  • BTS of Dani + Jordan’s life before social media + a day in their life now
  • How they are building a platform that is real and authentic AND the hidden burden of transparency
  • Their strategy for content and the value of teamwork with their employees
  • Misconceptions about influencers from family, friends, and the world.
  • A little inside peak at an awesome project that will debut in June! 


  • Social media at its core is just us being empowered to tell our story. - Jeremy + Audrey Roloff
  • Are you creating or are you consuming? Because creating is part of the job, it's part of what runs our business, part of what we've been called to do. Consuming, there is a healthy level of it and there's an unhealthy level of it, and so we have that little test to check on that. - Jordan + Dani Ramirez
  • Go through things as a couple first, before you go through them on the internet. - Jordan + Dani Ramirez

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