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Article: EP 94: Crafting Your Marriage Mission Statement & Committing To Family Values

EP 94: Crafting Your Marriage Mission Statement & Committing To Family Values

EP 94: Crafting Your Marriage Mission Statement & Committing To Family Values

It is the final episode of this season! And we couldn’t think of a better way to end than with a conversation around marriage mission statements and family values.

Every successful business, sports team, organization, church, etc. are built on a mission statement and value system. Why don’t marriages? They should! And Jeremy & Audrey place great importance on having those things locked in for their marriage and family, and want to encourage you to do the same. 

Often these companies revisit their mission statement over and over again as they map decisions, goals, figure out their direction, and so much more. Their mission statement is foundational to their business … and can just as (if not more!) foundational for marriages. 

Let’s dive in as Jeremy + Audrey share the what, how, and why behind their marriage mission statement + family values/pillars. 

A marriage/family mission statement is the vision and the pillars are the foundations driving that mission forward. And Jeremy + Audrey hope that the pillars become part of their kids' lives as they grow up and develop their own pillars and mission statements for their lives and future families. 

Questions you can ask when thinking about your marriage mission statement? 

  1. What do we want other people to learn from, gain or see when they look at our marriage? 
  2. What kind of impact do we want to leave on this world? 
  3. What is it about our love, in particular, that we most want to share with others? 

When Jeremy + Audrey first came up with their mission statement, they took a trip; a summit if you will! A marriage summit - because several businesses take summits when they evaluate their business, and a marriage summit is the same. 

Through the guidance of their marriage mentors, Jeremy + Audrey sat down and focused on the current state and the ideal state of the following areas: 

  1. Communication
  2. Financial Health
  3. Spiritual Health 
  4. Physical Intimacy 

They spent time and wrote these things out separately, then brought their answers into the marriage summit to dive in and develop their mission statement. They used these realities/current state to develop their ideal state of their marriage, creating their mission statement. 

You don’t have to go on a marriage summit to develop all this, but have conversations! Start developing your marriage mission statement. It will take time! Don’t rush it and let it evolve. 

From your mission statement, you can develop family pillars (or values!). This provides structure to the mission statement. AND invites your kids into the mission, giving them a valuable place in the family. 

Pillars + values are your deepest desires. 

Examples of Jeremy + Audrey’s family pillars: 

  1. Apprenticeship to Jesus 
  2. Family 
  3. Adventure
  4. Community + wise counsel 
  5. Health + wellness
  6. The table 
  7. A creative, intentional and faithful marriage
  8. Stewardship + generosity 
  9. Rest + sabbath 
  10. Work + creating 

Mission statements are your why. Pillars are your how. 

We cannot wait to hear your mission statements + pillars! Be sure to share them with us on our Instagram. And tune in to hear more about all of this! 

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • Why mission statements are vital; not just to large companies, but marriages 
  • What questions you can ask one another as you form you marriage statement & family values 
  • Family pillars; what they are and why they are so important 
  • Where the podcast is headed for the next season 

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