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Are you ready to become Debt Free?

Debt Free Journal is your trusty companion on your Debt Free Journey. Understand your personal finances, build a plan to pay off debt, check in each week, and track your progress until you become Debt Free. If you are ready to pay off your debt, this tool is for you.


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Meet your guide

Becoming and remaining Debt Free has been one of the most pivotal, life-changing actions I’ve ever taken and it has paid dividends in every corner of my family's life. After becoming Debt Free ourselves, we started to spark intrigue from friends, family members and acquaintances who had watched us along the way and wondered how we actually accomplished this feat. I have personally strategized with many of them to help them begin their own Debt Free Journey and have watched it literally transform entire family trajectories in the process!

This is where you come in. Put simply, Debt Free Journal was created to help you become Debt Free. It's the guide I wish I had. Furthermore, this journal was designed to help bring clarity to where you financially stand today, help you define your debt and build an action plan to pay it off, and to create a healthy rhythm of intentionality with your personal finances to help you build a purposeful life.

Here's to the journey,
Daniel Meichtry

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Free Progress Poster PDF

When you order Debt Free Journal you'll also receive this free printable progress poster PDF to help track your Debt Free Journey.


Establish your starting point

You will begin by discovering where you are starting from financially. For many people, this exercise will provide the clearest financial picture they have ever had in their life.

Build a plan to become Debt Free

After understanding the debts you currently have, you will establish your emergency fund and build your debt-payoff timeline. This will create momentum as you focus your efforts toward paying off each debt, one-by-one.

Create a weekly rhythm of checking in with your money

As you go through each week, you will pause to reflect, acknowledge what’s going well, and decide what tweaks are necessary to keep you on track. This process will help you feel more in control over your financial life on your journey to becoming Debt Free.

Track progress on your way to becoming Debt Free

As you work through each week and complete the monthly reviews along the way, you will build an archive of progress along your Debt Free Journey. There will be moments to intentionally pause, assess and celebrate how far you’ve come on your journey; that will solidify these new habits and keep you on track to hit your goals. If you remain accountable to this journal you can experience the freedom that comes from being completely Debt Free.




The Best!

After years of living paycheck to paycheck we have finally broken the cycle. This tool helped us be accountable to our plan.

- Kevin Smith

Experience Freedom Now!

Financial freedom is within reach. You have to put in the work but you will be glad you did. You got this!

- Luke Johnson

Love this journal

This journal was such a breath of fresh air on our Debt Free Journey. We have started and stopped many times but no more!

- Jenny Black

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