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EP 72: Digital Minimalism with Cal Newport

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EP 72: Digital Minimalism with Cal Newport

A huge thanks to everyone who tuned into our last episode about Bode’s birth story! It’s gonna be pretty hard to pass up, but this week Jeremy has an INCREDIBLY wise guest on to share about the intersection of digital technology and culture. Cal Newport brings clarity to what Digital Minimalism is + how we can better live in a world full of technology. Buckle up friends, this episode is unique, FULL of facts, wisdom + practical tips on how to live well in a digital age. 

In This Episode You’ll Hear:

  • Who Cal Newport is, what he does, and what he hopes to see in the future when it comes to technology.
  • All about Cal’s book, Digital Minimalism + what it means to be a digital minimalist… (It’s exactly what it sounds like!)
  • The real issue with technology in our personal lives and how excessive use of technology became a problem rather than just convenient and fun. 
  • The need for humanity to be really connected, not superficially connected.
  • What the Digital Declutter three step process is.
  • The correlation of mental health issues with youth and the usage of social media + technology. As well as the hopeful regulations that need to be set for the sake of the youth. 


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